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Recommendations for curvy women
How to find perfect work bag
Any suggestions for everyday accessories
How do I style this item
Need an advice on all-day meeting outfit
What to wear to a rock concert
How to build my own style
How do I style this item
Sort out the wardrobe and find my style
How to accessorize dress for the holiday party
How to get energy
From where can I get a fashion inspiration
Сlassic or casual look
Are block prints or silk dresses fashionable
What colors suit me
How to upgrade my stile on a badget
How do I style this item
What colors suit me
How to create demand for your services
Step-by-step strategy for your growth in the profession
Which type of yoga will be the best for me
Time schedule of designing a project
How do I style this item
What clothes suit my body type
How to meditate
What colors suit me
Styles in architecture and interior design
How do I style this item
What colors suit me
How do I style this item
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We managed to assemble a team of real working professionals who can cover all fashion and style questions.
Fashion stilyst
Fashion blogger
Creative director
567 satysfied customers
Fashion stylist
Have been working in the fashion and styling industry for 10 years. Working on top fashion shows all over the world.
486 satysfied customers
Fashion blogger
Personal stylist and fashion blogger. 3 years of professional experience.
455 satysfied customers
Creative director
5+ years of experience and 1000+ happy clients in the style and fashion industry. Creative director of his own fashion agency.
305 satysfied customers
Fashion stylist
Celebrity fashion stylist. Worked as a stylist on more than 10 Worldwide TV shows.
328 satysfied customers
Fashion stylist
Personal stylist and professional shopper with 4 years of experience. Can find a perfect dress for any occasion.
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Advantages of Mentori
We bring together experts of various profiles: narrow specialists, practicing architects, designers, interior designers working in bureaus of other countries. This approach helps to answer any non-standard question.
Multidisciplinary approach
We help individually. Our experts deeply analyze questions from diverse perspectives to find the right answer for you. These are not general answers from one teacher, as in most courses, this is a unique approach tailored for you. We can always connect you with a professional who fits exactly to you.
Personal and adaptive learning
Courses can cost up to upwards of $500, but the information you need in the nearest future is just a fraction of the total amount of material in that course. At the same time, the knowledge you receive through our practice is 100% relevant to your needs.
It's cheaper and faster than online courses
Top level specialists are in your pocket.
We're there for you for every work-related issue you might have
We speak the same language
Since everyone in our team has once been in your shoes, we understand what worries you and can give the right solution.
Asking a colleague is not always a great idea. Not everyone is willing to share valuable info – and not everyone is qualified enough. Besides, you might actually lose precious time waiting for answers.
You get feedback from professionals
You can spend 3 hours looking for answers on the Internet and still be unsure of their quality, or you can get an answer from an experienced specialist in 30 minutes and know that it is 100% correct. In addition, some information is simply impossible to find on google, only working professionals can share it with you.
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