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Why my render looks so faded and dull compared to the render by ladstudio
I want to export this model from Blender to Lumion
Renders look faded/foggy
Renders look faded/foggy
3D Studio MAX
Why can’t I delete a layer. I’m getting the error message ‘the selected layer was not deleted
Can this computer run Lumion smoothly
Can’t select the boundary of my view port to rescale
I think my Page Setup is incorrect, but I don’t know why
Can this computer run Lumion smoothly
I can’t draw a circle after changed the isometric view
Moving Attributes and Blocks separately
Can this computer run Lumion smoothly
How do u get the water in lumion to show shadows from objects?
Moving Attributes and Blocks separately
How can I use this corner/area
How to create demand for your services
Step-by-step strategy for your growth in the profession
Moving Attributes and Blocks separately
Time schedule of designing a project
Moving Attributes and Blocks separately
How can I use this corner/area
Styles in architecture and interior design
Renders look faded/foggy
Renders look faded/foggy
Moving Attributes and Blocks separately
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Doctor of Architecture
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Architectural designer
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Žaklina Nježić
567 satysfied customers
Doctor of Architecture
Doctor of Architecture at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Project Leader Architect with experience in designing residential, public, and industrial buildings.
Fares Whby
486 satysfied customers
Architect and 3D Artist
Architect and 3D Artist, over 9 years of experience. Master of Science at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
Alena Dolzhikova
455 satysfied customers
A4 Architecture Studio, architect, Budapest. Master’s Degree at BME Budapest Technical University, received $30,000 worth of scholarships
Anna Makarova
305 satysfied customers
Architectural designer
Chief Architectural Designer in Landscape Oasis Dubai, Graphium lecturer. Over 4 years of experience. Has clients from Paris, Nice, London, Munich, Dubai.
Miray Basaran
328 satysfied customers
Architectural engineer
Architect, Architectural engineer, over 4 years of experience. Was awarded a total of $20.000 in scholarships.
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We bring together experts of various profiles: narrow specialists, practicing architects, designers, interior designers working in bureaus of other countries. This approach helps to answer any non-standard question.
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We help individually. Our experts deeply analyze questions from diverse perspectives to find the right answer for you. These are not general answers from one teacher, as in most courses, this is a unique approach tailored for you. We can always connect you with a professional who fits exactly to you.
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Courses can cost up to upwards of $500, but the information you need in the nearest future is just a fraction of the total amount of material in that course. At the same time, the knowledge you receive through our practice is 100% relevant to your needs.
It's cheaper and faster than online courses
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Since everyone in our team has once been in your shoes, we understand what worries you and can give the right solution.
Asking a colleague is not always a great idea. Not everyone is willing to share valuable info – and not everyone is qualified enough. Besides, you might actually lose precious time waiting for answers.
You get feedback from professionals
You can spend 3 hours looking for answers on the Internet and still be unsure of their quality, or you can get an answer from an experienced specialist in 30 minutes and know that it is 100% correct. In addition, some information is simply impossible to find on google, only working professionals can share it with you.
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